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A disciplined practice since 1912

Our everyday mission is to build relationships of trust with our clients based on the thoughtful listening, accessibility and dedication of our professionals.

 We blend strategy, efficiency and ingenuity in search of innovative solutions that are perfectly suited to the needs of our clients.  For more than a century, we have made discipline and integrity the hallmark of our practice, reflective of the core values upon which our firm has built its reputation.

  • Discipline

    We ensure our clients that our work is always done with the utmost discipline, efficiency and professionalism. We take the time to become fully familiar with their reality and needs in order to assist, counsel and represent them efficiently. Monette Barakett, a disciplined practice since 1912.

  • Team

    Monette Barakett is the strength built up through teamwork. The complicity, mutual support and collaboration of our members make our firm a client-focused organization. Our feeling of belonging is particularly strong as evidenced by our members’ career stability with the firm.

  • Respect

    Our lawyers have on numerous occasions received testimonials from the legal community in recognition of their professionalism and integrity.  Respect is at the very heart of our actions.

  • Accessibility

    Our commitment to our clients is boundless. We are available and accessible at all timesFollow up actions are ensured with diligence and precision. No client is ever left adrift thanks to our entire team that constitutes Monette Barakett.

  • Excellence

    The Monette Barakett team comprises several seasoned counsels and litigants. We stand out in our fields of practice. We are deeply committed to keep our knowledge and constantly strive to surpass ourselves in offering the best possible service.

  • Innovation

    We demonstrate boundless creativity in resolving disputes. We are proactive and do not necessarily confine ourselves to the generally recognized legal guideposts. We understand the impact that disputes may give rise to. It is for this reason that we examine all options and explain issues clearly. We deem it important that our clients be in a position to make the decisions best suited to their aims

  • Dynamism

    We are qualified, efficient, dynamic, and we act preventively in order to avoid long and costly proceedings. We know how to adapt to the prevailing realities and to our clients’ evolving needs and conditions.

  • 1912

    The year that Gustave Monette Sr. and Ezioff Patenaude founded the firm.
    As early as 1915, Gustave Monette secures a mandate in a case that is soon to become a “cause célèbre”, that of journalist Jules Fournier charged with seditious libel in a highly publicized trial.

  • 1922

    The Delorme Affair: a celebrated trial.
    Gustave Monette pleads in defense at Abbot Delorme’s homicide trial which is to become one of the most famous «causes célèbres» in Québec’s judicial annals. Works have been published and television reports broadcasted regarding this affair which has marked Québec history.

  • 1930

    A reputation as solid litigator is being forged.
    Gustave Monette obtains a mandate from Premier Duplessis to represent the Province of Quebec before the Privy Council in a number of major constitutional cases, which obtained favourable rulings. He becomes a recognized trial lawyer before the courts, in particular the Supreme Court of Canada.

  • 1935

    Move to the Tramways building.
    The firm, which had its offices in Carré Viger at the time, moves to the Tramways building, one of the most modern venues at the time. The next business address will be the Place du Canada, some 40 years later in 1971.

  • 1950

    The firm’s two directing minds.
    While the firm had always been under the direction of Gustave Monette until his appointment as senator in 1956, leads Gilles Filion to become the driving force during the following years. He develops a new clientele, including the Caisses populaires, religious communities and hospitals.

  • 1960

    Initial negotiations of collective agreements in the public and parapublic sectors. Already present in the Health sector, the firm develops an expertise in Labour Law. Raymond Barakett and Jacques Lévesque join the firm . They participate actively in the initial negotiation of collective agreements in the public and parapublic sectors.

  • 1973

    Changes in Québec.
    Changes are taking place within the society that have an impact within the firm. After the creation of the public health system in 1971 and that of numerous boards and commissions, the firm adapts easily to the new reality and remains present in all areas of law, while maintaining an increased presence in the Health Care sector and within government institutions.

  • 1986

    The firm innovates in Health and Occupational Safety Law.
    Major changes are taking place with the adoption of the Act respecting industrial accidents and occupational diseases (LATMP). The firm quickly becomes a leader in this area of practice. Lise-Anne Desjardins develops an expertise and acts as a precursor to build a team specialized in this field.

  • 1990

    Health Care Law expands.
    The Health Care Law team, under the leadership of Raymond Barakett, publishes the Health Care Law collections – Laws and Regulations and the Health Care Law Bulletin. In 1998, Christiane Lepage joins the firm to strengthen and solidify our expertise. Under the guidance of Barakett and Lepage, the firm becomes a leader in the field of Health Care Law.

  • 1997

    Always at the forefront of our areas of practice.
    The subject of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms plays an important role in Labour Law. The firm is at the forefront and publishes, under the stewardship of Jean-François Pedneault, the work entitled Les droits de la personne et les relations du Travail (Human Rights and Labour Relations).
    Éric Séguin collaborates to the work entitled Les mesures disciplinaires et non-disciplinaires which becomes a reference tool in the field.

  • 2000

    Negotiation of national collective agreements.
    Since 2000, François Perron has acted as spokesperson in the renewal of several national agreements within the health and social services network, the public service sector and the childhood education sector. He is also spokesperson at the FMSQ, the FMRQ and the CPNSSS bargaining table. Perron has acted as an employer spokesperson for the Secrétariat du Conseil du Trésor (Treasury Board Secretariat) in the negotiations of the Crown Counsels.

  • 2010

    Collective bargaining in the public and private sectors.
    Jean-François Pedneault acts as a negotiator in the course of collective bargaining within the public and private sectors. This includes acting as spokesperson for the Health and Social Services Ministry at the Regroupement Les Sages Femmes du Québec bargaining table and that of the Quebec Association of Pharmacy Owners.

  • 2012

    One hundred years of history.
    The firm makes history and celebrates its one hundred years of existence, which makes it one of the oldest French-speaking law firms in North America. The firm organizes a great celebration at the Monument National in May 2012. The event is a resounding success: more than 500 guests take part, including a performance by humorist Louis-José Houde.

  • 2015

    A breath of fresh air and vitality.
    With an eye to the future, the year 2015 looks to be characterized by both change and renewal. The firm moves to 4 Place Ville-Marie in new and modern quarters. It unveils a new image and a new logo. Vibrant, dynamic and ever evolving, the firm maintains its discipline, team spirit and openness that have been the pride of Monette Barakett since 1912.

  • 2020

    Monette Barakett consolidates their position as a leader in labour law in the public and parapublic sectors with several major collective bargaining mandates. The firm is also called upon to act in strategic civil litigation files, notably in matters of class actions .

Health and Social Services Network

The Health and Social Services Network is a unique healthcare model, offering a broad range of services in many different fields of activity.

Institution staffing decisions within this model are crucial as they have a direct impact on all users. The specific expertise of our lawyers is essential for such employment-related matters.

University-affiliated hospitals,  the 9 Centres Intégrés Universitaires de Santé et de Services Sociaux (CIUSSS) and the 13 Centres Intégrés de Santé et de Services Sociaux (CISSS), professional associations and other healthcare institutions consider our role effective and indispensable.

We’re here to assist you and represent you in all spheres of this sector.

Early Childhood Centres

Attentive to the diverse challenges of this constantly evolving sector, we have been working hand-in-hand with the  childcare centers and daycare centers (Centres de la petite Enfance (CPE)) since their inception, whether it be for the provision of consulting services or representation before the courts.

Our team is sensitive to the economic, political and social realities of this environment and is aware of the workings of the legal and regulatory framework within which it needs to navigate to assist you fully as CPE managers and administrators.  This vision allows us to accompany you with skill and proficiency in the implementation of strategies perfectly suited to the specific realities of your environment.

Instruction, Higher Education and Research

Education represents the government’s second highest item with regards to discretionary income.  We understand the tremendous responsibility you must assume in preparing tomorrow’s citizens.

Our team has a clear and concise vision of the challenges, issues and subtleties of your ever-changing sector. Since we are often at the heart of societal debates, we intervene directly with agencies and organizations at all levels – school service centers, schools, private teaching institutions, public institutions, universities and research centres.  We represent and counsel you in the various areas of law including,  in the negotiation of collective agreements.

Private Business

Always on the leading edge of economic stakes, we are closely involved in issues of concern to the Québec business community.  By supporting you as entrepreneurs in the provision of legal services specifically adapted to your particular needs, we  take pride in contributing to the emancipation of Québec entrepreneurship.  A sense of empathic listening on the part of our professionals is at the heart of this trusting relationship.

As corporate officers and directors, we are aware that you must constantly demonstrate great versatility and adaptability – hence the role of our professionals, who are with you to respond to your various pressing legal needs.

Religious Communities and Charitable Organizations

Dating back to the 1950s, the religious community sector has played a vital part within our firm. We have been at the forefront of each of the transformational stages of the role of the Church in Québec society and we remain knowledgeable and aware of the current reality of religious communities.

We recognize the importance of religious heritage, which is without question, a fundamental cultural and identity-related component of our very fabric.  Many challenges still lie ahead, in particular, the question of sustainability of this heritage and the image of the Church within society.

Our professionals are sensitive to these challenges and remain wholly engaged in the religious communities in order to support you in the provision of legal services.

Financial Institutions

As financial industry leaders, you must assume enormous responsibilities with potentially far-reaching consequences for Québec’s economic well-being, whether it be because of the size of your institutions, their global reach, degree of interdependence and/or the unique character of the services they offer.

Our team has been involved with financial institutions for more than 50 years.  We are well aware that banks and caisses populaires are major employers in Québec society. We act principally in labour and employment law, labour relations and health and safety in the workplace.

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