A disciplined
practice since 1912

Monette Barakett is the reference in labour law, public law and civil law for public and parapublic organizations, SMEs and non-profit organizations.

Founded in 1912, Monette Barakett is a leading law firm in the Quebec legal landscape. Unlike many law firms, Monette Barakett has always grown independently, having undergone no mergers or acquisitions throughout its history. This situation can be explained in particular by the stability of its clientele.

Our everyday mission is to build relationships of trust with our clients based on the thoughtful listening, accessibility and dedication of our professionals.

Our values


We assure our clients that our work is always done with the utmost rigor, efficiency and professionalism. We take the time to understand their reality and their needs in order to help, advise and represent them effectively. Monette Barakett has been a practice since 1912.


Monette Barakett’s strenght stems from great teamwork. The complicity, mutual support and collaboration of our members make our firm a client-focused organization. Our feeling of belonging is particularly strong as evidenced by our members’ career stability with the firm.


Our lawyers have on numerous occasions received testimonials from the legal community in recognition of their professionalism and integrity. Respect is at the very heart of our actions.


We are qualified, efficient, dynamic, and we act preventively in order to avoid long and costly proceedings. We know how to adapt to the prevailing realities and to our clients’ evolving needs and conditions.


The Monette Barakett team is composed of many seasoned counsels and litigants. We stand out in our fields of practice. We are deeply committed to stay at the forefront of current legal issues and developments and constantly strive to surpass ourselves in offering the best possible service.


We demonstrate boundless creativity in resolving disputes. We are proactive and do not necessarily confine ourselves to the generally recognized legal guideposts. We understand the impact that disputes may give rise to. It is for this reason that we examine all options and explain issues clearly. We deem it important that our clients be in a position to make the decisions best suited to their goals.


Our commitment to our clients is boundless. We are available and accessible at all times. Follow up actions are ensured with diligence and precision. No client is ever left adrift thanks to our entire team that constitutes Monette Barakett.

Our team is the reflection of our values. Each of us is inspired by these to offer personalized service, as part of a relationship of trust. We invite you to get to know each of our members better.

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