The credibility and solid litigation experience of our lawyers make our firm as your trusted partner in civil litigation matters. We are regularly consulted by leaders and advisors from the public, para-public, private, Financial and education sectors.

Our team, committed to achieving your objectives in an efficient, quick and cost-effective manner, has also developed great expertise in the various alternative methods of dispute resolution such as negotiation, conciliation, mediation, settlement conferences and arbitration.

Civil litigation is a very broad aspect of law and covers a multitude of possible fields. Other than the areas already mentioned, you can count on our team to represent you with skill and diligence in disputes involving human rights, service or business contracts and civil liability. We also have a special expertise in class actions.

To prevent rather than cure

A proactive rather than a reactive approach:

We advocate a more proactive rather than a reactive approach. Not only are we there to defend you with poise and efficiency in the event of conflicts or disputes, we have become masters at negotiating agreements which are in your best interests, thus allowing you to save time and money. As seasoned counsel, we always strive to prevent contentious situations before they happen, and this for your greater benefit!