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Labour law

  • Disciplinary Investigations
  • Investigations of Psychological Harassment
  • Administrative Termination in the Context of Managing Absenteeism
  • False Statements and Accommodations During the Hiring Process
  • Questionnaire et évaluation médicale pré-embauche
  • Disability Accommodations
  • Disability, Alcohol and Drug Use: Duty to Accommodate, Workplace Testing, Last Chance Agreements, and Workplace Drug and Alcohol Policies
  • Monitoring and Surveying the Activities of Employees
  • The Status of Employees and Self-Employed Workers
  • Drafting Disciplinary Notices
  • The ABCs of Information Access
  • Expiration of the Probation Period: The Remedial Authority of Arbitrators
  • Social Networks and Human Resources
  • Practical Tips for Negotiating a Collective Bargaining Agreement
  • Civility in the Workplace
  • Violent Clients: What are your Obligations to Employees and How Do You Respond?
  • Employer Grievance Procedures
  • The Rights of Management

Occupational Health and Safety Law

  • Industrial Accident/Occupational Disease Investigations
  • The Occupational Injuries: Required Evidence in front of TAT
  • Mastering the CNESST Electronic Information System
  • The CNESST, Criminal Law, and “Due Diligence”
  • CNESST: Psychological Harassment Complaints
  • Various Aspects Related to the Deterioration of Personal Health Conditions
  • Cost Sharing
  • Application of the Presumption Established by Article 28 of the AIAOD (Act Respecting Industrial Accidents and Occupational Diseases
  • 8thQuarter: Get out your Calculators

Health and Social Services

  • Consent to Treat – Medical Treatment Authorization – Institutional Guardianship
  • Social Welfare Programs
  • Information Access
  • Confidential Information Exchange Between Institutions and the Office of the Public Guardian and Truste
  • Institutional Obligations and Responsibilities (Introduction)
  • Physician Status and Privileges
  • Medical Assistance in Dying
  • Pouvoirs et responsabilités des différentes instances

Procurement and Construction Law

  • The ABCs of Legal Construction Hypothecs
  • Insurance and Surety Bonds
  • Construction Projects
  • Site Damage
  • Analyzing Bids after a Call to Tender