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Admission to the bar


Academic training

L.L.B., Université de Montréal, 2010
Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Relations, Université de Montréal, 2007


Dynamic, inquisitive and a peerless organizer, Janie-Pier is the first to volunteer for social activities and opportunities to network. She is readily available to help and advise others and is driven by teamwork. Her legendary calmness allows her to keep the reins on contentious cases.

Janie-Pier became a lawyer at the firm in 2011 after completing her bar internship at another Montréal-based firm. Prior to completing her law degree, she had already earned herself a bachelor’s degree in industrial relations. Upon joining the firm and still to this day, Janie-Pier has helped with intern recruitment and has also been involved with the firm’s marketing committee. She also organizes the firm’s holiday party, to the delight of her colleagues.

Janie-Pier’s educational background in industrial relations naturally led her to labour law and occupational health law. Offering consulting services to employers in the daily management of their legal affairs constitutes an important part of her practice, from revising policy and drafting employee manuals to developing management strategy. Janie-Pier also advises employers in relation to managing employment injuries and labour relations. She is called upon to revise and draft employment contracts. She also assists clients with their litigious and non-litigious cases relating to administrative and disciplinary matters.

Janie-Pier regularly pleads employment injury cases before Québec’s administrative labour tribunal as well as before grievance arbitrators, namely in relation to disciplinary matters.

Janie-Pier offers legal outsourcing services and has often worked within her clients’ organizations to assist them in their day-to-day management. Her wealth of experience allows her to understand the realities faced by her clients and to offer them increasingly customized solutions.

She regularly gives talks on various topics to give her clients the tools they need to manage their legal affairs.






Contributor to a practical guide to Bill 176 labour standards amendments

Québec order of certified HR professionals (CRHA), November 2018

Article exploring trends related to going offline

VigieRT, October 2018

Article on the links between cases before the labour relations and occupational health and safety divisions of the Québec administrative labour tribunal

VigieRT, juin 2018

Tips belong to employees, regardless of the employer - Comment on the decision Travailleurs et travailleuses unis de l'alimentation et du commerce, section locale 503 et Manoir Richelieu ltée

Repères, Éditions Yvon Blais, Montréal, May 2018 EYB2018BRH2066

Article on costly pressure tactics

VigieRT, February 2017

Article on potential constraints to freedom of expression in the civil service

VigieRT, January 2017

Article on new aspects of the obligation to accommodate

VigieRT, October 2016

Article on bias when acting as mediator and arbitrator

VigieRT, May 2016

Article on expert report directives from Québec’s medical association

VigieRT, March 2016

Article on promoting patient safety through ID cards

VigieRT, November 2015

Article on the Superior Court of Québec upholding the decision to fire an employee for promoting a competitor

VigieRT, September 2015

Article on austerity measures and the employment injury commission conciliation process

VigieRT, June 2015

Article on cost allocations unrelated to employment injury

VigieRT, February 2015

Article on conflicts between occupational health law and the charter

VigieRT, October 2014

Article on parental obligations as possible motive for discrimination

VigieRT, April 2013

Collaborator in the drafting of the firm’s law report


Invited speaker at numerous events concerning:


Status of sections 326 and 327 ARSSTRSSS, September 2014

Needs-based holiday management, APCPEM, April 2014

Employees also as employer representatives, APCPEM, April 2014

Managing pressure tactics, Labour relations colloquium, Québec order of certified HR professionals (CRHA), December 2014

Functional limitations, Québec association of medico-legal assessment experts (SEEMIQ), November 2015

Employment injury investigation, Université de Montréal health centre (CHUM), February 2016

Primer on Québec’s administrative labour tribunal, Monette Barakett lunchtime webinar series, March 2016

Preparing for a hearing before the occupational health and safety division of Québec’s administrative labour tribunal, Québec order of certified HR professionals (CRHA), November 2016

Primer on drafting disciplinary notices, Québec order of certified HR professionals (CRHA), webinar, September 2016

Working conditions and psychological injury claims, Monette Barakett lunchtime webinar series, March 2018

Employer grievances, Industrial Relations Week, Université de Montréal, March 2018

Practical consideration relating to essential services and labour disputes, Annual Conference on Health Law and Policy, Université de Sherbrooke, May 2018

8th quarter calculation strategies for employment injury cases, Québec order of certified HR professionals (CRHA), webinar, September 2018

Achievements, implications, awards

Janie-Pier is involved in the community sector and serves on the board of a youth centre located in Montréal’s east end. Since last year, she has served as the designated host of the organization’s benefit event. She also served as her condo’s board president for many years, committed to ensuring efficient financial management and fostering harmonious cohabitation between the owners.   

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