At Monette Barakett since


Admission to the bar


Academic training

L.L.L., Université d'Ottawa, 2016

Olivier is a sportsman and an excellent golfer known for his dynamic and rigorous manner. His practical and strategic approach set him apart. His many years of experience as manager, administrator and corporate shareholder provide him with a keen understanding of key issues faced by employers. He can quickly put his finger on the issue at hand.

Olivier joined Monette Barakett in 2017 after having completed his bar internship with the firm. He involves himself with several of the firm’s committees, notably its information technology and artificial intelligence committee, business development (negotiations) committee, health law bulletin committee, and charitable works committee. He also contributed to the recasting of the book on human rights and labour relations, Les droits de la personne et les relations du travail, published by Éditions Yvon Blais.

Olivier has a diversified practice based in labour law and civil litigation. Among those he represents are health and social service institutions and private business, including small and medium-sized businesses. When he’s not pleading cases before different tribunals, he offers strategic advice to employers, notably concerning hiring and employment termination, disciplinary measures, the application and interpretation of collective agreements, restrictive covenants (non-competition and non-solicitation) and workplace harassment. He also plays a key advisory role during accreditation processes and collective bargaining. His practice also involves assisting employers in developing and drafting various management tools, in particular those related to pre-hiring medical questionnaires and internal policy. He is also interested in human rights and privacy protections.

Olivier graduated Magna Cum Laude from Ottawa University. During his studies, Olivier received three honourable mentions from the dean for academic excellence and was a Grievance arbitration course bursary recipient.