At Monette Barakett since


Admission to the bar


Academic training

LL.L., Université de Montréal, 1976

Sectors of practice

Pierre is an avid sportsman who enjoys competing with his colleagues over a game of tennis or golf. He is also and above all passionate about the law and known as an exceptional speaker and a skilled litigator. When faced with seemingly irresolvable disputes, he leverages his people skills to rally the opposing side towards “win-win” solutions. Pierre’s attentiveness to the needs and concerns of his clients allow him to advise and help them resolve problems.

Pierre joined Monette Barakett in 1977 just as he was beginning his practice. He was a member of the executive committee for many years and has made significant contributions over the years in helping train the firm’s new lawyers by making himself available to give advice and share his expertise and experience —contributions highly appreciated by those having had the pleasure to work with him.

Pierre started his practice in civil litigation but quickly turned his focus to labour law.

As such, he advises and assists managers from the health and social services network as well as from private business and pleads cases before all administrative and judicial bodies, not least the Supreme Court of Canada. He also serves as collective bargaining negotiator.

Pierre has served as spokesperson for Québec’s hospital association (AHQ) during negotiations for a province-wide collective agreement in the health and social services sector.

Over time, Pierre’s career litigating important cases has made significant contributions to labour law jurisprudence, particularly on questions relating to charter rights, including the accommodation of disabilities.