At Monette Barakett since


Admission to the bar


Academic training

LL.L., Université de Montréal, 1970

Pierre is known for his sense of organization and structure. He is efficient and methodical. His strengths make him a high-quality lawyer and an outstanding mentor for all of the firm’s young lawyers.

Pierre joined Monette Barakett in 1971. From the start of his career, he was involved in the firm’s management. He was its managing partner for nearly 20 years.

Pierre’s interests lie in all matters relating to governance. He serves on the board of several charitable organizations as well as boards that manage religious community contingency funds.

Pierre has extensive knowledge of the laws, charters and governance practices that pertain to religious institutions.

He is primarily consulted on matters falling within the following domains: assistance and support in ongoing operations (governance, bids, organizational succession, contract drafting and analysis), the application and interpretation of laws governing religious institutions (incorporation and structuring and introduction of private interest bills), restructuring (corporate restructuring of entities involved in canonical restructuring, asset assignment contracts, collateral contracts and service contracts), and contingency funds (constitution, internal organization, and fund transfers). Pierre serves as legal advisor to a number of religious institutions and charitable organizations. He also defends their interests before judicial and administrative bodies. He is also a central resource on matters of municipal taxation.