We have developed a know-how in these fields which enables us to support you at all stages of the contract management process.

Whether you be owners, developers, entrepreneurs, professionals, insurers or suppliers, our lawyers defend your interests and help you find win-win solutions toward the successful implementation of your projects.

Consulting services and advice

We offer a comprehensive range of services and advice regarding Procurement, Construction and Real Estate Law:

  • Contract drafting and negotiating;
  • Assistance and support in the various public and private call-for-tender processes, selection of tenderers, validity of performance bonds and termination of contract;
  • Assessment of the admissibility and compliance of tenders;
  • Assistance and support in the day-to-day management of ongoing fieldwork and the relations between the various parties involved, verbal and written notices, formal notices, specific interventions with third parties;
  • Support in preparing, managing and negotiating claims for late fees and faulty workmanship, legal hypothecs or loss of the work;
  • Assistance, support and representation regarding the responsibility of owners, contractors, architects and engineers;
  • Preparation, assistance and representation before the legal, administrative, arbitration or mediation authorities;
  • Drafting of legal acts and notices in various field such as purchasing, sales, rental, emphyteusis, trusts…
  • Assistance, support and representation in areas such as administrative reviews or municipal assessments and property tax contestations.

Building confidence

A trusted partner, committed and dedicated:

To choose Monette Barakett, is to choose a trusted partner, committed and dedicated, ensuring that you get continuous support in carrying your projects forward. We can be the key to your success! Together, we will raise your projects to their highest potential.