We have been the trusted strategic partner to the Health and Social Services network managers and professionals for over 50 years. Combining experience, expertise and dedication, our lawyers have a thorough knowledge of the law, regulations and administrative practices that govern the various fields of the complex area which is that of Health.

Our legal services include the transmission of recommendations or opinions, assistance in the performance of duties and the defence of the institution’s interests before the courts (judicial and administrative), as well as before many other bodies of competent jurisdiction such as the Access to Information Commission, Youth Rights Charter, professional bodies’ trustees, etc.

Consulting services and advice

We offer a comprehensive range of services and advice regarding the Act Respecting Health Services and Social Services:

  • Organization plan, permits, merger, integration, administrative reorganization;
  • Creation of a Board of Directors and other instances, powers and duties;
  • Drafting of policy and by-laws;
  • Investigations, relations with enforcement professionals, status and privileges, discipline;
  • Services to foundations;
  • Assistance and support in the day-to-day management of operations;
  • Collection of lodging and meal expenses;
  • Procurement and construction;
  • Information management, access to information requests, electronic information flow and security;
  • Lodging, protective custody, authorization for care, inter-institutional transfer;
  • Third-party relationships: Intermediate or family-type resources, institutions, organizations, partners, authorities (municipal, regional, provincial and federal), users, family members, loved ones and visitors.

Users at the centre of our concerns

Vision, Innovation and Precision:

We are well aware of the importance of the quality and efficiency and we keep this in mind when developing our strategies. Our accompaniment of your organization is a twofold approach combining legal and strategic advice. Vision, innovation and precision in order to offer you practical solutions.